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Beka Radiant Cooling and Heating Capillary Mats

Beka Radiant Cooling and Heating Capillary Mats

WRL is a strong proponent of radiant cooling and heating, due to efficient heat transfer, impact on radiant temperature, and quiet operation. Systems can be developed using aluminum radiant panel systems, pre-manufactured composite systems, and plaster-embedded capillary mat systems. The Beka system is the predominant manufacturer of capillary mats, also known as the Karo system. The system originated in Germany and has only recently made an entrance to the US market. A plaster-embedded application allows panel systems to be coupled to thermal mass, creating a higher effective cooling/heating capacity than a free-standing system.

Design teams have often faced challenges implementing this technology, due to a lack case studies and pricing history in the United States. Representation in the United States is not extensive. Significantly more application information can be found at:

Radiant technology requires an integrated design approach for application: space cooling loads need to be kept below 30 Btu/h-sf through careful control of building enclosure and lighting heat gains.

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